How To Find Your Doctor

When I moved last summer, I left my old routine in the dust. The road not traveled is more fun, right? How about finding a gynecologist in the Mojave desert or in a brand new state? Still sound fun? Not really.

When you uproot your life and take off for new ground – whether to live on the road or land a job in a strange city – the logistics are overwhelming. A detail you won’t want to forget is your OBGYN let alone a fertility specialist if you are having troubles conceiving.

Not sure if you need an OBGYN, just a gynecologist, a fertility specialist, or another women’s health doctor? Click here to find out which is right for you!

It’s hard to say goodbye to the lovely human who has pap smeared, and tested, and cared for your special parts in the past, but the future holds new adventures, and this is just one of them.

Since moving away, I’ve mastered the art of finding vagina doctors on-the-go. Fact: There are awesome women’s health specialists all over this beautiful country, and you are moments away from meeting yours.

Here you have it. How to find a new physician in 4 easy steps:

1 – Round up your insurance information. At the very least, have your insurance provider’s name on hand. Certain women’s health and fertility specialists will be covered under your policy, while others may be excluded. Step 2 will help you locate a doctor within your provider network. If you don’t have insurance, skip to Step 3.

2 – Wherever you are in the country, Healthgrades will match you with highly reviewed doctors in your area. It’s my favorite website for healthcare on-the-go. Finding a doctor is as simple as selecting your insurance provider from a drop-down menu, the specialty you’re looking for (ex: OBGYN), and how far you’re willing to travel. From there, it’s like online dating, only better because Healthgrades provides user reviews. Tinder should take note. You can even book an appointment through their platform (or just call the number they provide). Other websites, like Vitals and ZocDoc, offer similar services, but I dig Healthgrade’s sleek interface.

3 – If you don’t have an insurance plan, there’s an app for that. Planned Parenthood Direct will literally direct you to the closest clinic for all of your women’s health (or men’s health) needs. It also provides birth control services and UTI treatments on-the-go. In typical Planned Parenthood fashion, it is efficient, thorough, and easy. Clinics are free of cost or use a sliding scale (based on your income). Make sure to ask about programs covering the cost of reproductive healthcare available in your state. You may be surprised by how easy it is to have 100% of your care paid for.

4 – The last option is for people too busy to go to an appointment with an app for a virtual clinic that cheaply and quickly connects you with women’s health and family health specialists wherever you are. Enjoy 24/7 access to a network of highly reviewed doctors including fertility experts, OBGYNs, midwives, sex coaches, and pregnancy specialists. Obtain a prescription in under an hour, video chat with a doctor of your choosing, or ask the community a question. Maven also provides nutritionists and mental health experts making it super easy to keep your self-care routine on track. It’s not free to have healthcare in the palm of your hand, but luckily, appointments are as little as $18, which is less than a Lyft ride to and from the doctor’s office.

In 2019, it’s really no surprise that technology has your back. So, what are you waiting for? Say “yes” to your dream job on the opposite coast. Move across the country for the love of your life. Sign up for an egg freezing retreat. Or, if you’re like me, buy a cheap RV and make everywhere your home. Wherever you are, you’ll be covered down there.

July 28, 2019