Crown Nutraceuticals’ Fertility Supplements Have Been Assigned a National Drug Code (NDC) by the FDA

The FDA assigns an NDC number only after it has conducted a thorough review of a product and its packaging.

San Diego, California – July 13, 2021Crown Nutraceuticals, an evidence-based fertility supplement brand, is pleased to announce that the FDA has assigned their Over-The-Counter (OTC) fertility supplements with a National Drug Code. The National Drug Code (NDC) is a universal product identifier for human drugs available in the United States. This 10 or 11-digit, 3 segment number, identifies the labeler, product, and commercial package size. This change brings Crown a step closer to providing patients seeking fertility support a pre-conception supplement that is both affordable and accessible.

“Being awarded a National Drug Code by the FDA is a revolutionary accomplishment in the world of fertility,” says Fadi Atiya, Chief Executive Officer of Crown Fertility. “Today marks an important milestone. Being a pioneer in the reproductive space comes with challenges but is also extremely fulfilling. Our journey has taken us from coast to coast with consistent growth. I can make one promise to all the Fertility professionals in the US— we are one step closer to having a natural tool to help your patients that insurance companies will soon recognize. The entire Crown Fertility team is so proud of this major accomplishment, and this is only the beginning.”

Crown Nutraceuticals is poised to better serve those in need of affordable and effective assistance in the Fertility space. This NDC number validates Crown’s commitment towards excellent quality and superior outcomes, and brings them one step closer to gaining insurance coverage for their fertility supplements. This is groundbreaking news for patients and physicians alike and is expected to change the landscape of fertility treatment available in the United States. Crown’s commitment to continued transparency is second to none in the reproductive industry. This new NDC number adds to their growing list of achievements and is expected to help physicians with their patients’ preconception care, bringing each family closer to their ultimate goal of a healthy pregnancy.

About Crown Nutraceuticals Fertility Line

Crown Nutraceuticals’ fertility supplement line is formulated with evidence-based ingredients to support healthy conception and successful pregnancies. Crown’s proprietary blend of ingredients is recommended by fertility experts to prevent miscarriage, enhance ovulation, and improve egg quality. The Fertility line of products is suitable for men and women at any point during their reproductive cycle, including those with a history of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or other fertility challenges.

About Crown Nutraceuticals

Crown Nutraceuticals is located in California, USA. Their mission is to put control back in the hands of individuals by providing essential supplements that serve in building families. The company’s products are grounded in science, inspired by nature, and formulated using evidence-based ingredients.

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Henry (Hank) Douglas

July 13, 2021